Inside the mind of a gambler.(personal Opinion)


Dylan loves memes btw…. Get in touch with his character.

Hey there? Do you gamble? I bet you do. The preceding statement makes me one already. Are you even ready for this? You should not before you listen to Kenny Rodgers’ track, the Gambler. This should set your thoughts in sync with mine. That’s exactly the point but if you miss it, I didn’t expect one of my readers to hail from the marksmen tribe anyway.
Dylan is a troubled young, fine man, curly hair, wallowing in his late teens and many other attributes you may share with him. He has a gullible sexual appetite, I was reminded. He is chocolate-toned and a chocolate lover, has no scar except a few scratches he picks from his club fights in his nights out. He is left-handed and boasts of picking up girls with a single blink.
“Actually, what kind of girls get picked up by a single blink?” I wonder.
The financial shortfall Dylan has is barely equivalent to your girl whining to your broke ass about how she needs her hair redone in a few days and your homies overdue debt breathing up on your scared, lonely wallet. The only difference is that Dylan is a single dude who loves the soft life and occasional flings for his occasional emotional hard-ons. He is fashionable and his fashion statements suggest that he lives in Fashionova.
“I have seen a few of my friends win on bets just sitting cozy and I can try it”
He gaily thinks aloud
He assures himself that it has been a while since he saw money lying around. The only difference is that his breakthrough now lies within the luck of a bet slip. He assures himself that he is not to let his luck slip this time.
“Let me analyze these matches using the only set of equipment I got, my brown eyes, I nevertheless doubt if their color shall compromise sight of the gray area.”
He thinks aloud.
“That’s where the betting host makes money out of your broke ass”
His gambler alter ego whispers.
The whisper as loud as it shouldn’t………
……to be continued……

Sweet Instagram Personalities, (personal opinion)

I took the title from Karl’s Cat, Choupette, I must have said that it means sweet . Looks like we share a mind, blah blah blah!

For me, an Instagram like effect lasts a lifetime of the Netflix’s logo soundtrack, Duuuum! The effect of social media affection lasts a lifetime of a second. I want you to listen to this one the second time you read it. For others, the power of social flight lies within the social buttons while for others its an opportunity to showcase an empty life. For the latter, I’d say that its an effort to inflate a gunny bag. I mean, we all know its a dead end.

My interest lies with individuals I admire for their consistency, beauty and style.

An entrepreneur, Global Icon and a woman full of her feminine energy. We all have our favourites but seeing her posts and captions will either make you jealous or motivated. The beautiful thing is she understands what her brand stands for and she lives on the edge of it. You should know that there’s more to her bio than just what i highlighted. You can now use your press pass and dig up more now.

Gordon Luchini.

A polymath, what does this even mean? Besides this, he has painter, destructivist, constructivist, and one post of his suggested Jack the ripper to me, more of the ripper and less of Jack. Gordon could dress death to live if given it’s silhouette. He has a flair in his posts that will leave you thinking that his mind is well choreographed with random, perfectly fitting fashion ideas that chime when he plays the beat.

Foi Wambui

She’s my favourite, more of the vibes and more of the beauty, consistency and style. She has always talks about Her work which is carefully curated for a great representation.

His posts are a story worth writing of. The young entrepreneur who we watched growing up has a lifestyle portfolio worth looking at.

A Misfit, as her bio states, she brags of PG rated content and pieces on absolute freedom. She is a radio personality, Emcee and a content creator of great relevance. Check her bio and love it.

Absolute freedom is the absence of fear ”

King Kalala.

Inside a Designers Mind.( Personal opinion.)

By Dennis Mutuku.

Saucy, isn’t it? I also often wonder how designers come up with their out of the world creations. I should be writing this piece under the influence of a fashion pill but anyway, trash the humor and lemme see what we can pen in this imagination pen, we’re G.O.A.T’s anyway. I see it as a shambled, patched up and sewn together space. A space yearning for a physical expression other than a divine realm. Is it really the havoc that gives birth to the clean, crisp finishes? I may ask the same question too. But Shhhhhhh! I dare not be a subject of the idle mind readers on this one. I agree that it would be unfortunate to see a designers mind as a torn piece of space. But you should know one thing for sure, what you see is what you get, so brace yourself to hear vivid weird and mind-blowing inspiration stories from your favorite designers.

Karl Lagerfeld, French

I don’t like cats, generally because their loyalty is aligned to the smell of milk. You should find it weird but I shouldn’t that a certain Chanel collection designed by Karl Lagerfeld, the iconic and equally flashy French designer of the Fashion House Chanel was inspired by Choupette, his cat. Her name means ”Sweet” in French I hear.

Alexander McQueen, English.

He appears to be one of the most unconventional designers of our time. I personally take pride in his works, why not an interest in his mind?

It however blows my mind to know that he was inspired by butterflies drawn from Charles Darwin’s, Origin of the species (1859). Alexander McQueen invented a narrative of devolution, visualized with a dissection of digital alien-reptile-butterfly prints in human shapes.

He thought butterflies brought some theatrical dramatic effect.

It’s all we want anyway.


Earthy and classic? I’m sure those two adjectives don’t even share a pillow but that’s what come out of the head of this Kenyan Footwear designer.

He is inspired by the journey of the African culture, it’s music, it’s original lifestyle and it’s authentic taste. The dark color of the African skin is also an major inspiration of his work.

His sandals are a clear indication of the thought and the seen.

Christian Louboutin 

 As the story goes, Louboutin had a eureka moment when he saw his assistant painting her nails red. He borrowed the polish to lacquer the sole of the shoe, and the rest is history.

Louboutin tells Artnet News that he grew up nearby the museum in an unassuming working-class neighborhood, and has been visiting since he was a child. “I owe a lot to this building,” he says.

Back then, the museum was dedicated to African and Oceanic Art, most of which has since migrated to the Quai Branly museum. The Art Deco building was originally built in 1931 for a colonial exhibition in Paris, and it shows. The façade features a bas-relief of Africans and French colonists that today might be read as an offensive relic of imperialism.

Louboutin admits that as a young child he was “too scared” to enter the building, but that he was eventually persuaded by his sister to cross its threshold when he was around nine years old. He was enchanted by the treasures held within, from tribal masks to Ancient Egyptian artifacts, and was utterly taken by the aquarium located in the basement. “It was my first way to travel before I ever got the chance to do it in real life, and I was inspired,” he says.

The Bartender.

A bartender is the perfect souvenir for the club life. They are a special piece in the fun’s playbook. If you are to think about designing their apparell or accessories for work, you need to immerse your mind into this luxurious and liquid environment.

We need to think about the following.


The Bartender’s enviroment consists of mixing and setting tables for their supposedly wealthy clients. Their lifestyle diet consists of hygiene, a deal of hospitality and I’m damn sure they’d use a piece of unprecedented class that they equally serve to their equally deserving clients.


These are individuals who thirst for class that isn’t available in their daily life. They turn rogue after tasting the golden liquid but it’s a call for them bartenders. They are full of appetite that needs to fed by classic fluid and solid accessories.

A classic apron could bring in more tips.

There are a few of the accessories that may be needed by a bartender.

Find the products that you can design in this document.


Tragedies Of a Designer.

By Slim King.

As am writing this, am seated on a high stool at Thika. Am waiting to be served by an Equity agent who’s taking her sweet time to swipe these cards.
As a designer, most people don’t understand why I do what I do and how I do it, and guess what? It pisses me of…but I take it positively knowing that there are people who also might want to move rivers,(the last time I heard is on moving mountains …but anyway Kenyans are as creative as hell and leave alone some who have decided to combine the two parts of the brain to form an aesthetic feature which also doubles as an empty shell )…..i understand that a small percentage of human beings actually appreciate the magic design brings along.
The balance between texture, colour to bring a desired mood is the sole purpose of what I do. I have also decided to take it upon myself to ensure that I perfect the design prowess that I don’t brag of.
I make design as simple as a small kid would understand as I know it should be a basic need for every being who eats and farts to enjoy design.
I dare not complain but also won’t appreciate individuals who so actively talk about matters they are not fully aware and or well informed of.

We trade Elegance.

By Slim

I’m a nature lover..

I have tried to express my love for nature before commercializing it.

I’m sure my design finesse compliments my love.